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North American Maps 




* Updated 2 Dec 2021


 Township/Plat Maps of North America


Links to additional websites:

U.S. Map Collection -  includes relief, elevation, drainage, political and road maps

United States Digital Map Collection - by USGen Web Archives

* GIS Geography - US map collection

Atlas of Canada - origins of people

1906 Territories of Canada - by Natural Resources Canada

Histopolis - provides genealogy and history resources by place (country, state, county, township, city and cemetery)

Perry Castañeda Library Map Collection - state maps

1888 North Dakota map (*approx. 68,000 Black Sea Germans settled here)

Digital maps for the state of North Dakota

North and South Dakota 1937 Texaco Road Map by Rand McNally (David Rumsey Collection)


*Source: Russian-German Settlements in the United States by Richard Sallet