Black Sea German Research - Surname Specific



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* Andreas Widmer translated by Allen Konrad

* Biographical Report on Pastor Johannes Alber translated by Allen Konrad

* Biographical Sketch - Sister/Nurse Marie Fiechtner

* Biography of Jakob Fey

* Biography of Albert Necker "Opa's Life" by Dr. Elvire Necker-Eberhardt

* Biography of Daniel Netz 1868-1948

* Biography of Daniel Roloff, Kulm, North Dakota

* Bishop Antonius Zerr by Merv Weiss

* Brief History of Andreas Demmler translated by Allen Konrad

* Family tree of Johannes Hammer 1783 by Elli Wise/Allen Konrad

* Felchle-Weingaertner History submitted by Ted Poppke

* Feist from Strassburg, Russia by Ludwig Feist

* Friedrich Strohmaier translated by Allen Konrad

* Head Nurse Magdalena Kowalsky translated by Allen Konrad

* Hoellworth Family Origins in Germany by Horst Gutsche

* Immanuel Fiechtner translated by Allen Konrad

* Joachim, Wilhelm Adam Family History by Kim Joachim Kraushar (updated)

* Johann Baumann translated by Allen Konrad

* Jürgensson family from Schlangendorf submitted by Jörgen Hedman

* Kast/Hornbacher (van Staden’s Family History) by P.J. Maryn van Staden

* Knaut Death Certificates by Elli Wise/Allen Konrad

* Krause of Tarutino Letter -  Johann Karl translated by Allen Konrad

* Kroll Family by Roland Wagner

* Landis/Landeis Chronicle by Roland Wagner

* Lindl, Ignaz - Founder of Sarata translated by Allen Konrad

* Meier Family by Roland Wagner

* Memoirs of Emilie Welk by Paul Welk

* Pastor Alexander Simsont translated by Allen Konrad

* Pastor E. Gutkewitsch translated by Allen Konrad

* Reis Family History by Roland Wagner

* Ricker Story, Theophil and Frieda by Clyde Eisenbeis

* Questionnaires for Reichert Family by Elli Wise/Allen Konrad

* Sattler, Jakob by Ruth A Litke

* Schmidt, Oscar and Monat, Jakobina Life Stories by Leo Rung  English version, German version

* Schnaidt and Wanner Families Connection by Willy Guzman Schnaidt

* Schulz, Jacob submitted by Karmel Kingan

* Schumacher Church Records from Kronau Parish 1904-1909 by Brian Schatz

* Senior Mayor August Erdmann translated by Allen Konrad

* Sticka Family History by Roland Wagner

* Surau Family from Mühlhausendorf submitted by Jörgen Hedman

* Teacher Friedrich Fiechtner translated by Allen Konrad

* Teacher Immanuel Mueller translated by Allen Konrad

* Teacher Josef Ensslen translated by Allen Konrad

* Theodor Alfred Hoffmann translated by Allen Konrad

* Wagner Family by Roland Wagner

* Wagner, Ferdinand Family by Roland Wagner

* Warffeli and Vogler Family History by Roland Wagner

* Wilhelm - Remembering the Wilhelm Family by

* Wilhelm Mutschall translated by Allen Konrad

* Wirz family from Speyer submitted by Marcie Cheung

* Wohl and Jose (Alexanderhilf) house exchange submitted by Gayla Aspenleiter

* Wohl and Roth (Alexanderhilf) transfer of homes submitted by Gayla Aspenleiter

* Werner Baptisms by Elli Wise/Allen Konrad

* Werner Family Tree translated by Allen Konrad

* Werner, Johann Georg and Ursula (Kuenkel) by Elli Wise/Allen Konrad


Links to personal websites that are surname specific:

Bauder family history by Milo Bauder
Berger family by Brian Berger (Beresan District)
Bettcher family by Andrew Bettcher
Ehman and Folk (Volk) of Holdfast, Sasketchewan (Elsass, Mannheim, & Klosterdorf area)
Eisenbeiß genealogy by Clyde Eisenbeis (Glückstal)
Gauer family by Murray Gauer (Nesselrode)
Goldade by Peter Goldade (includes Jundt, Migler and Sander surnames too)
Henke genealogy by Clyde Eisenbeis (Glückstal area)
Merck Family by Ed Merck (Elsass, Kutschurgan area) 
Mock, Johannes Ancestors by Valery Mock
Ohlhausen and König Family Genealogy by Wayne Fuller
Ohlhauser/Wohl/Gross/Tschetter families by Gayla Ohlhauser Aspenleiter (Grossliebental District and Hutterite villages in Taurida)
Pfaff family by Judy Remmick-Hubert (Freudental District of Odessa)
Ricker family by Clyde Eisenbeis (Crimea)

Ries genealogy by Clyde Eisenbeis (Glückstal)
Weiss, Fetsch, Schafer, Tichy by Merv Weiss ( Selz, Kutschurgan and Crimea)
Zacharias family by Luella Klassen (Mennonite Colonies of Chortitza and Fürstenland)

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