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Schooling in Villages, Dorpat Etc.
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Author:  gerrussbuff [ Thu Sep 08, 2011 11:40 am ]
Post subject:  Schooling in Villages, Dorpat Etc.

I have some questions about schooling in the German colonies. From what I have read, children went to the German church school in their villages from approximately grades 1-6 ? Further education for some was continued outside the village, but I am confused as to what their options for further schooling was.

It seems that some students went to places where there was a different type of school, such as the Werner School in Tarutino. Was this like a secondary school for grades above 6?

I have also read of students studying at the gymnasium in Dorpat. Was this at the actual University of Dorpat (now Tartu) Estonia? Or was there another school there that they attended after grade 6?

I have also read that students "made their "Arbitur," "Reifepr├╝fung machte," or that they "marticulated" in Odessa after studying in Dorpat. Does anyone have any idea what that means?

Author:  justinehresman [ Thu Feb 06, 2014 2:34 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Schooling in Villages, Dorpat Etc.

I know that some people went to university and secondary boarding schools in Odessa. I met a man from Neu Berlin whose parents both did that. Abitur machen means they graduated from secondary school. Reifepr├╝fung machen sounds like they passed a certain school-leaving test. There were (and are in Germany today) different types of secondary schools that don't really exist in the US. Realschule is for those who are going to learn a trade or work after. Gymnasium is mostly for those who are going to attend university.

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