Finding and Viewing EWZ Films



The Black Sea German Database contains index information for many of the EWZ films relevant to Black Sea Germans (primarily the EWZ 50 and EWZ 51 series). Unfortunately, we do not have the actual microfilms containing the EWZ documents in our possession. These particular microfilms were purchased by various people and made available to us only to create these indexes.


To view these films and see the detailed information about your family, you may be able to purchase the microfilms or copies of individual EWZ documents from the organizations listed below. We recommend making your request in English, as it’s unlikely that anyone at these organizations will be fluent in German or Russian.



Mennonite Historical Society of British Columbia has almost a full set of EWZ-50 microfilms and can provide copies of individual EWZ records. Contact for ordering and cost information.



GRHS (Germans from Russia Heritage Society) has copies of about 15% of the EWZ-51 microfilms, as well as many EWZ-50s. They can provide copies of EWZ documents from these microfilms. An advance payment might be required. These lists will help you identify which rolls they have: EWZ-50 and EWZ-51.


For EWZ-51s not at GRHS, you must visit the National Archives (NARA) in College Park, Maryland (near Washington D.C.), or hire a local researcher to view the film for you.


EWZ-57s and EWZ-58s

EWZ-57s and 58s can be viewed at NARA in College Park. In addition, they can be viewed on microfilm at the Family History Library (FHL) in Salt Lake City. They are not available online or by remote lookup request.

EWZ-57s are filed loosely alphabetically by surname. (Names with similar pronunciation are grouped together, such as Diehl/Dill/Dyl.) This list will help you identify the NARA microfilm number and corresponding FHL microfilm number.

EWZ-58s are filed numerically by EWZ number. This list will help you identify the NARA microfilm number and corresponding FHL microfilm number. You can find your family member’s EWZ number on their EWZ-50, EWZ-51, or EWZ-57.

Another option to find the EWZ number is to search Germany’s Bundesarchiv catalog using their Invenio system. 

* Choose “Suche ohne Anmeldung”

* Click the X on the Welcome page

* Choose “Suche” and then “Namenssuche”

* Enter the name of the person you are searching and click “Suchen”

* Look for results from “Sammlung Berlin Document Center (BDC): Personenbezogene Unterlagen der Einwandererzentralstelle (EWZ)”


All EWZ Films

NARA sells copies of all EWZ microfilms. Costs must generally be paid in advance. The cost per roll is $125 (as of June 2022). Contact NARA here.


EWZs for non-Black Sea Germans

If your family is from Poland, the Baltics, or other areas, you may be interested in the EWZ-52, EWZ-53, or EWZ-54 series. These all must be viewed at NARA. For German families from Poland, some EWZ-58s can be viewed online. NARA has a guide for finding the microfilm you need in these series.