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January -December

Bess Colonist Origins/Passports (updated)
Bitz/Heier/Lowenstein/Zerr (updated)
Odessa Region Families (updated)
Klosterdorf, Kherson Parish Deaths 1866+
Weiss (updated)
Bessarabian Colonist Origins (updated)
Deck Family from Franzfeld (updated)
Bitz/Heier/Lowenstein/Zerr (updated)
Kilwien (updated)
Schmidt/Kraus (updated)
Bitz/Heier/Lowenstein/Zerr (updated)
Waldman (updated)
Weiss (updated)
Bitz/Heier/Lowenstein/Zerr (updated)
Deck family from Josefstal (updated)
Ell family from Rastadt (updated)
Noetzel/Faelchle (updated)
Weiss (updated)
EWZ trees (updated)
Koblenz  Index trees (updated)
Bitz/Heier/Lowenstein/Zerr (updated)
Mariewka Bess Koblenz (updated)
Hirtenheim Bess Koblenz (updated)
Neu Oneschi Bess Koblenz (updated)
Alt Oneschi Bess Koblenz (updated)
Strembeni Bess Koblenz (updated)
Eichendorf Bess Koblenz Index (updated)
Eichendorf Bess Families (updated)
Neu Strymba Bess Koblenz Index (updated)
Lichtental Bess Koblenz Indes (updated)
Kilwien (updated)
Bitz/Heier/Lowenstein/Zerr (updated)
Odessa Region Families (updated)
Glueckstal/Hoffnugstal Odessa families (updated)
Beresina, Bessarabia Families (updated)

North America Township/Plat Maps
Glueckstal Village map
Kolatschowka, Bessarabia village map
Mariewka, Bessarabia

Beresina, Bessarabia Marriages 1817-1833
Leipzig, Bessarabia Marriages 1824-1832
German Farmers Organizations South America
Neu Freudental Marriages 188x
City of Odessa Marriages 184x
Johannestal/Waterloo Parish Births 187x
Lustdorf Village Marriages 184x
Güldendorf Village Marriages 185x
Rosental RC Parish Family List 1852
Crimea-a personal connection
Alt Posttal Marriages 1824-1832
Freudental Parish Births 183x
Lustfdorf Marriages 183x
Plotz Births 1835-1841
City of Odessa Marriages 183x
Rohrbach/Worms 184x Marriages
Neu Freudental Marriages 187x
Güldendorf Village Marriages 183x
Güldendorf Village Marriages 184x
Arzis Marriages 1867
Benkendorf Parish marriages 186x
Neu Freudental Parish marriages 186x
Rohrbach/Worms Parish marriages 183x
DAI Indexes
1884 Neu Freudental Parish Births
1885 Neu Freudental Parish Births
1868-1869 Sofiental Births
187x Sofiental Births
Neu Elft Births 1825-1842
Alt Elft Births 1817-1832
Johannestal/Waterloo Births 1869
Johannestal/Waterloo Births 1870
Migration from Germany
DAI 636-index first settlers in Mariental 1804
DAI 635 Alexanderhilf family list
DAI 635 Freudental family list 1911
DAI 635 Grossliebental family list 1939
DAI 636 Inhabitants of Jeremejewka/Cherson before 1914 (from Franzfeld/Kleinliebental)
DAI 636 Lustdorf inhabitants 1887
DAI 636 Neuburg inhabitants June 1939
DAI 636 Wygoda family list
Migration from German Villages
Neu Freudental Parish births 1882
Neu Freudental Parish births 1883
Johannestal/Waterloo Parish births 1866-1867
Johannestal/Waterloo Parish births 1868
Glückstal deaths 1914-1921
Sofiental 186x-188x deaths
Neu Freudental Parish births 1880
Neu Freudental Parish births 1881
Birsula Estate Births 1873-1875
Dennewitz Births 1902-1912
Cogealia 1916 Household Property
Sofular 1916 Household Property
Tariverde 1916 Household Property
Kischinew Parish Marriages 1918-1919
Alt Elft Births 1886-1906
Neu Freudental Parish Births 1878
Neu Freudental Parish Births 1879
Johannestal Parish Births 1864   
Johannestal Parish Births 1865
Neu-Danzig Births 1868
Kischinev Baptisms 1814-1815
Black Sea German Foods
Neu-Danzig Marriages 1868
Neu Freudental births 1876
Neu Freudental births 1877
Johannestal/Waterloo births 1861
Johannestal/Waterloo births 1863
Tarutino Marriages 1824-1832
Borodino Marriages 1818-1832
Katzbach Births 1821-1842
Kulm Births 1824-1843
Neu Freudental Parish Births 1874
Neu Freudental Parish Births 1875
Johannestal Parish Births 1862
1860 Johannestal parish births
1869 Neu Freudental Parish births
1870 Neu Freudental Parish births
1871 Neu Freudental Parish births
Alt Elft births 1842-1880
Dennewitz births 1835-1841
Kischinew Parish deaths 1920-1940
Neu Freudental births 1868
Katzbach Marriages 1822-1833
Kloestitz Marriages 1815-1833
Wittenberg Marriages 1824-1832
Neu Elft births (missing years)
Neu Elft births 1881-1899
Neu Freudental births 1867
1865 Neu Freudental Parish births
1824-1832 Kulm marriages
1817-1848 Beresina births
Separatism- A Part of Bess Church History
Neu Freudental Parish births - 1864
Kischinew Parish deaths - 1884-1888
Liebental RC Colony deaths - 1839-1850
Neu Freudental Parish births - 1863
Alt Posttal deaths - numerous years
Glueckstal Deaths 1914-1921
Neu Freudental Parish Births 1862
Heidelberg PFEIFER Marriages 1841-1850
Baimaklia, Albota Births/Deaths 1914-1938
Freudental Parish Marriages 188x
Kischinew Parish Deaths 1892-1940
Plotzk Deaths 1839-895
187x Freudental Parish Marriages 
Rastadt/Karlsruhe Deaths 1839+
186x Freudental Parish Marriages
Plotzk, Bess misc. births
Paris, Bessarabia - Part I
185x Freudental Parish Marriages
Kischinew Parish births - 1885-1940
Albota Births & Deaths 1914-1938
184x Freudental Parish Marriages
Neu Elft Confirmations 1841-1845
Dennewitz Confirmations 1841-1844
Plotz Confirmations 1842-1844
183x Freudental Parish Marriages
Rastadt Catholic death records 1865-1880
Alexandrowka parish marriages & deaths
Katzbach confirmations 1841-1949
Gnadenfeld marriages 1870-1878
188x Grossliebental Parish marriages
Annental marriages 1882-1883
Neusatz, Odessa marriages 1870-1871
Paris confirmation 1841-1852
Rohrbach 1892 census overview
Rohrbach 1892 census
Worms 1892 census overview
Worms 1892 census
186x Grossliebental Parish marriages
187x Grossliebental Parish marriages
Alt Elft Confirmations 1841-1851
184x Grossliebental Parish marriages
185x Grossliebental Parish marriages
Gnadental Confirmations 1834-1856
Lichtental, Arzis, Teplitz confirmations
Sarata Confirmations 1834-1856
1883 Grossliebental Parish births
1884 Grossliebental Parish births
1885 Grossliebental Parish births
Kischinew death register-1835-1939
Crimean Villages Map
1881 Grossliebental Parish births
1882 Grossliebental Parish births
Kischinew births A-D, 1835-1891
1877 Grossliebental Parish births
1878 Grossliebental Parish births
1879 Grossliebental Parish births
1875 Grossliebental Parish births
1876 Grossliebental Parish births
1870 Grossliebental Parish births
1871 Grossliebental Parish births
1873 Grossliebental Parish births
1874 Grossliebental Parish births
Jekaterinowka-Tarutino Parish 1908-1940
Founding of Blumental, Molotschna
1864-1869 Grossliebental Parish Births
Kantemir-Korntal Births/Deaths 1890-1936
Friedrich the Great German Colonies in 1772
1862 Grossliebental Parish Births
1863 Grossliebental Parish Births
Eichendorf Births and Deaths 1908-1933
1860 Grossliebental Parish Births
1861 Grossliebental Parish Births
1833-1839 Grossliebental Marriages (updated)
Fuernstenfeld Births & Deaths 1896-192
1856 Grossliebental Parish Births
1857 Grossliebental Parish Births
1858 Grossliebental Parish Births
1859 Grossliebental Parish Births
1853 Grossliebental Parish Births
1854 Grossliebental Parish Births
1855 Grossliebental Parish Births
Severinowka Parish Deaths 1866-1880
1850 Grossliebental Parish births
1851 Grossliebental Parish births
1852 Grossliebental Parish births
Georgsfeld, Caucasus 1914 Residents

1847 Grossliebental Parish births
1848 Grossliebental Parish births
Czech towns and their German names
1845 Grossliebental Parish births
1846 Grossliebental Parish births

1842 Grossliebental Parish births
1843 Grossliebental Parish births
Songs of the People from Dobrudscha

1840 Grossliebental Parish births
1841 Grossliebental Parish births

183x Grossliebental Parish Births


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