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Bitz/Heier/Lowenstein/Zerr (updated)
Leipzig Family books 1847, 1861, 1881
Bitz/Heier/Lowenstein/Zerr (updated)
Weiss (updated)
Bitz/Heier/Lowenstein/Zerr (updated)
Glückstal/Hoffnungstal Families (updated)
Mariewka, Bess 1939 Family Book
Weiss (updated)
Bitz/Heier/Lowenstein/Zerr (updated)
Odessa Region Families (updated)
Bitz/Heier/Lowenstein/Zerr (updated)
Mitteilungsblatt (updated)
Weiss (updated)
Schott & Billigmeier (updated)
Kilwien (updated)
Weiss (updated)
Glückstal/Hoffnungstal Families (updated)
Schwarz (updated)
Mitteilungsblatt Death Notices (updated)
Odessa Region Families (updated)
Schmidt-Kraus (updated)
Bitz/Heier/Lowenstein/Zerr (updated)
Waldman (updated)
Weiss (updated)
Bitz/Heier/Lowenstein/Zerr (updated)
Bitz/Heier/Lowenstein/Zerr (updated)
Bitz/Heier/Lowenstein/Zerr (updated)
Kilwien (updated)
Bitz/Heier/Lowenstein/Zerr (updated)
Odessa Region Families (updated)
Bitz/Heier/Lowenstein/Zerr (updated)
Odessa Region Families (updated)
Schabolat, Bess Koblenz Index (updated)
Sarata Koblenz Index (updataed)
Friedenstal Koblenz Index (updated)
Marienfeld Koblenz Index (updated)
Paris Koblenz Index (updated)
Neu Paris Koblenz Index (updated)
Schulz family  
Odessa Region Families (updated)
Deck family from Franzfeld (updated)
Deck family from Josefstal (updated)
Ell family from Rastadt (updated)
Bitz/Heier/Lowenstein/Zerr (updated)
Weiss (updated)
Matei-Fitterer (updated)
Odessa Region Families (updated)
Weiss (updated)
Bosnack (updated)
Bitz/Heier/Lowenstein/Zerr (updated)
Teplitz Family Register

Tarutino Dorf Plan

Kurudschika, Bessarabia
Mariewka, Bessarabia


188x Alt Posttal births
Index of engaged people, banns and marriages in the Evangelish Community of Lustdorf (1831-1861)
Manukkbejewka Residents in 1922
Benkendorf 187x marriages
Benkendorf 188x marriages
Paris, Bessarabia part 4
Leaders of the Bess Administration Region
Resettlement Report from Beresina, Bess 1940
186x Joh/Neusatz parish births (updated)
187x Joh/Neusatz parish births (updated)
188x Joh/Neusatz parish births (updated)
188x Odessa Parish births
1833 Grunau Parish births
187x Odessa Parish Births
Wilhelm Adam Joachim Family History
186x Odessa Parish Births
1860/1875 Odessa Reformed Marriages
185x-188x Odessa Reformed Deaths
185x-188x Odessa Reformed Births (updated)
185x City of Odessa Parish births
Immigrants to Dobrudscha from Bess/Kherson
184x City of Odessa Parish births
Johannestal/Waterloo parish 188x deaths

City of Odessa parish 183x births

 183x Rohrbach/Worms Reformed deaths

 184x Rohrbach/Worms Reformed deaths

185x Rohrbach/Worms Reformed deaths

187x Johannestal/Waterloo deaths
185x-188x Odessa Reformed births
188x Odessa Parish deaths  (includes Güldendorf and Lustdorf)
186x Johannestal/Waterloo deaths (includes numerous smaller villages and khutors)
188x Worms/Rohrbach deaths (includes numerous smaller villages and khutors)
Klosterdorf baptisms 1889-1895
Odessa Parish deaths 187x
Rohrbach/Worms Parish deaths 187x
1909 Senate Document on GR Immigrants
City of Odessa 186x deaths
Rohrbach/Worms parish 186x deaths
Güldendorf village deaths 186x
Lustdorf village deaths 186x
1903 Beresan parish births, deaths, marriages
185x Rohrbach/Worms deaths
185x Lustdorf deaths
Paris, Bessarabia part III a
Paris, Bessarabia part III b
184x Worms/Rohrbach Parish deaths
188x Neu Freudental Parish deaths
185x City of Odessa deaths
185x Gueldendorf village deaths
Directory of Ethnic Germans in Army from Eigenfeld (Kronau)
Eigenfeld (Kronau) Family Directory
187x Neu Freudental Parish deaths
184x Odessa Parish deaths
183x Lustdorf deaths
184x Lustdorf deaths
Odessa Parish deaths 183x
Rohrbach/Worms Parish deaths 183x
Klosterdorf deaths 1866-1880 (updated)
Catholic Church Records of South Russia (updated)
Grossliebental parish deaths 188x
Freudental parish deaths 188x
Camp Distribution for Ethnic German Resettlers from Bessarabia
Political Position of People within Bessarabia in 1940
History of Neu-Dennewitz
Bessarabia Resettlement - Four Experiences
Rohrbach/Worms 188x Parish births
Grossliebental Parish 184x births (updated)
Grossliebental 187x Parish deaths
Freudental 187x Parish deaths
Seimental births 188x
Rohrbach/Worms Parish births 187x
Grossliebental Parish deaths 186x
Bessarabia Refugee Comments 1940
Leaders of the Bessarabia Admin Region
Grossliebental 185x Parish Deaths  
Alt Arzis Deaths 1819-1841
Resettlement Report from Beresina 1940
Resettlement Experience by E. Kison

From Valery Mock Website
Franzfeld 1821
Franzfeld 1837-1848 metric extracts
Franzfeld Repressions
Kleinliebental 1839-1858 Marriages
Kleinliebental 1874 Family List
Kleinliebental 1906 Family List
Kleinliebental 1914-1916 Mobilization List
Kleinliebental 1915 List of Villagers
Odessa 1920-1922 Execution List

Schabolat 188x births
Sofiental 188x births
Freudental Parish 186x deaths  
Neu Freudental Parish 186x deaths
Rohrbach/Worms Parish 186x births
Resettlement Experience - Pastor E. Härter
1874 Grossliebental District Draftee's list
187x Neu Lustdorf births
187x Wilhelmstal births
Werner School in Sarata
185x Freudental deaths
183x Grossliebental births (updated)
History of Dennewitz
History of Mannsburg
Neusatz 186x births
Neusatz 187x births
Annental 187x births
Alexanderfeld 187x births
Hoffnungsburg 187x births
Wilhelmstal Residents 1910-1911
184x Freudental Deaths
Brienne Births 1833-1839
Karamin RC Parish 1910-1915
Alt Arzis births 1855-1879
Freudental Parish 183x deaths
Paris, Bessarabia Part II a, b, c, d, and e
Grossliebental 185x births (updated)
A District Administrator Warns Against Emigration to Prussia Poland
Schabolat births 187x
Seimental births 187x
Lustdorf births 188x
Güldendorf births 188x
Alt Danzig births 1860
Lustdorf births 187x
Güldendorf births 187x
Rohrbach/Worms Parish births 185x
Alexanderfeld births 186x
Hoffnungsburg births 186x
Marienfeld births 186x
Adelenental births 186x
Neu Lustdorf births 186x
Grossliebental parish deaths 184x
Rohrbach/Worms parish births 184x
Lustdorf  births 186x
Güldendorf births 186x
Lustdorf births 185x
Güldendorf births 185x
Grossliebental deaths 183x
Rohrbach/Worms births 183x
Schabolat, Bess births 186x
Schabolat, Bess deaths 1864-1884
Worms/Rohrbach Reformed births 185x
Bessarabian Newsletter Index
184x Güldendorf births
184x Lustdorf births
185x Johannestal/Waterloo births
184x Rohrbach/Worms Reformed births
Güldendorf births 183x
Lustdorf births 183x
Johannestal/Waterloo births 184x
Rohrbach/Worms Reformed births 183x
DAI Indexes (revised)
Johannestal/Waterloo births 183x
City of Odessa Reformed deaths 1895
City of Odessa Reformed marriages 1894-1900
City of Odessa Reformed marriages1861
City of Odessa Reformed marriages 188x
Seventh-Day Adventist Church Birth records
Armenian Catholic Parish records
Karasubazar Armenian Catholic Marriages 1884-1919
Teplitz, Bessarabia births 1833-1840
City of Odessa Reformed Marriages 185x
City of Odessa Reformed Marriage 1892-1893
188x Freudental births
187x City of Odessa Reformed Marriages
Alt Arzis births 1892-1930
Teplitz deaths 1817-1839
Alt Elft Marriages 1820-1881
187x Freudental Parish births
188x Johannestal/Waterloo Parish marriages
188x City of Odessa Parish marriages
188x Rohrbach/Worms Parish marriages
Freudental Parish births 186x
Johannestal Parish Marriages 187x
Lustdorf Marriages 188x
Rohrbach/Worms Marriages 187x
Odessa (City of) Marriages 187x

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